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Baby’s First Year

Nothing says love like expecting moms, cooing, cuddly newborns, bouncy baby bundles, and toddlers on the move. Combining the beauty of new life with stunning photography, Swaddle now offers timeless art and keepsakes from a trio of these special milestone moments in our exclusive Baby’s First Year package.

In addition to our celebrated custom client experience, at the end of baby’s first year you will choose your favorite images from each session to be included in a custom designed heirloom baby album, honoring your new addition. Each stage of a new child’s life is a perfect time to commemorate your family with an amazing gift to be cherished forever—And Swaddle helps make the process fun and flawless.

Swaddle - Baby Plan - Maternity



While maternity portraits are an optional part of the plan, a good number of our expectant clients choose to capture this changing phase of their lives—and for good reason. Those fond memories of motherhood begin before birth while mom is still feeling refreshed, beautiful and excited about the joy of her new arrival. For the perfect maternity session, we recommend scheduling during your seventh month. Not only will we flatteringly pose you to capture you at your best, for that extra touch of glamour, we can even recommend a wonderful hair and makeup artist who will pamper you and make you feel like a princess before your session. Finally, we take the greatest care to ensure your comfort and pictures that share your inner glow.


Swaddle - Baby Plan - Newborn



Because this magical stage of life passes in the blink of an eye, newborn portraits are captured during the first two weeks of life while your little one is still well-fed, sleepy and content. Swaddle will keep your due date on file and stay in touch with you as the exciting day approaches, making adjustments to fit you in at just the perfect time. Newborns are captured alone, usually in simple onesies, swaddled in your favorite blanket, or in their baby birthday suit (your choice). We will also take images with up to four siblings and, of course, with adoring parents.

Don’t forget to reserve your gorgeous custom baby announcements a la carte to share your own new work of art with the world. Family and friends will be able to celebrate your arrival with you in designs to fit your new arrival’s personality, from baby rock star bling to soft, eyelet dreams.


Swaddle Baby Plan - 6 months


Six Months

When baby is ready for sitting but not yet on the go, we will capture him/her at the roly-poly happy phase, when those big grins and belly laughs are lighting up your life. Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they cannot crawl away and are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. Portraits at this stage capture the beginnings of those dynamic personalities that will be with you forever, and give a glimpse into a small person interacting with their environment as only those small bundles of delight can.

Connecting with Friends on Facebook? Ask us about our optional a la carte digital files for sharing your pride and joy with friends and family and share this adorable phase of babyhood with the world.



One Year

With a penchant for partying and hands ready to dive into that birthday cake, the first birthday is a greatly anticipated milestone in every family. At this age, your toddler will be interacting in lots of fun ways which sometimes leave even parents in need of a nap. Standing, walking and ready to take on the world, we document that infectious energy and charisma that brings so much light (and sometimes surprise) into your life. At the end of this session, we will create your much anticipated album, with images from baby’s three sessions throughout the year!

Now is also the perfect time to choose from our many, fun Baby’s First Birthday Party invitations. A special order for a special person, invite family and friends to see how far baby has come his or her first year. Ask us about our options which suit every personality for everything from that little angel to the astronaut with his eyes toward the stars.




What’s Included?

Included with this year-long package are three custom photo sessions which document your child as a newborn, at about six months (when baby is able to sit up), and at his or her first birthday, while an optional maternity session can easily be added. At the end of the first year, you will receive a custom designed, 20-page, 8”x8”, heirloom album of your favorite images from each session. What better way to remember Baby’s First Year than to capture these special milestones in a year of whirlwind changes!

Full pricing information is available upon request.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment is required up front and in full to guarantee session availability.
  • All appointments must be scheduled at the same time following the birth of your baby.
  • We understand that emergencies occur, so we allot one emergency reschedule per session. Any further cancellations result in forfeiture of that session.
  • No substitutions of sessions or products are available in this program. The Baby Plan is non-transferrable.
  • For the best possible outcome for your exclusive sessions:
    • The first appointment must occur when the newborn babyis under three weeks.
    • The second appointment must occur during the ‘sitting up’ stage and before crawling (5-8) months.
    • The third appointment must occur during your child’s first birthday month.

Baby on the way? Let’s connect soon to plan for her (or his!) first year.